Energy independence at your fingertips

Harness the energy of sunlight to power your home, reduce dependence on the grid, and lower your electricity bills. Solar power is a smart choice for the future of you and the planet.

Investing in a renewable and sustainable energy source will reduce your carbon footprint, secure you a predictable income and help you achieve energy independence.

3 reasons to start generating your own energy

Imagine never having to worry about fluctuations in energy prices or having to budget for unexpected energy costs. With solar, this future becomes a reality. You can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills by generating electricity at home and accumulate significant savings over time.

With solar power, you’ll have a steady and predictable source of electricity. You can estimate your savings by calculating the number of kilowatt hours used and the cost of electricity in your area. On top of that, you pay off the cost of your solar panels over time through savings on electricity bills. 

Now is the best time to consider going solar and start saving on your electricity bills as the cost of solar panels is decreasing and government incentives are becoming more accessible for installing building-integrated solar solutions.

By producing and storing your own electricity, you are less reliant on the grid and the often-volatile prices of fossil fuels. With solar panels and a solar battery, you’ll have a steady and reliable source of electricity even during power outages. Taking control of your energy usage gives you a sense of security and stability when it comes to your energy costs.

Investing in solar power will not only save you money on the monthly electricity bill but also  increase your property value and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source: by generating your own electricity, you’re positively impacting the environment. Building-integrated solar products are an investment that keep on giving, both for your wallet and for the planet. It is a wise investment with long-term benefits, especially now when the government incentives are becoming more accessible for installing BIPV solutions.

Solar roof energy production

Solarstone® solar roofs and carports provide significant savings on energy costs, reduce carbon footprint, allow for low installation costs and minimal disruptions – all while creating a durable solar roofing solution that lasts for decades.

Solar power works by converting the energy from the sun into usable electricity. Photovoltaic cells in solar panels absorb the sun's energy and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter then converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be used to power your home or business.

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The amount of savings you can expect will depend on the size of the solar panel system, your energy consumption, and the cost of electricity in your area.

It is possible to estimate the savings by calculating the number of kilowatt hours used and the cost of electricity. With the cost of solar panels decreasing and government funding programs available for installing BIPV systems, now is the best time to consider going solar.

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Solar panels can last anywhere between 25 to 30 years, sometimes more. This doesn’t mean that the panels on your roof will stop producing electricity after a couple of decades. It just means their energy production will decrease by what solar panel manufacturers consider optimal to meet the average household's energy needs. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect to receive significant solar benefits for the next 20 to 30 years.

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The timeline to make the cost of your solar panels back depends on the solar energy system you choose, which government funding programs are available, where you live, and how you pay for your system.

On average, the cost of adding a solar roof to your home can be recovered in 5 to 10 years.

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