Solar House Concept designs concept projects to provide energy independence for property owners by integrating Solarstone®’s aesthetically-oriented, innovative building-integrated solar panels and design-wonder Solar Carport™ solutions with systems such as inverters, storage systems, vehicle charging units and heat pumps from the highest quality brands in their fields.

Embrace our premium quality solutions powered by Solarstone® technology, enjoy comfort of renewable, clean energy in your house.

Solar House Concept - Eco System

Solar House Concept is your reliable partner to design most suitable solar system for your eco-friendly house and make you get benefit of energy independency.

On-Grid / Hybrid Systems

On-grid or grid-connected solar systems are the most common system used by houses and commercial buildings. Solar inverters are connected to public electricity grid and self-produced solar energy power your house or feed the grid with surplus enery by using bi-directional energy meters. Your monthly electricity bills will be offset according to the amount of surplus energy sent to the grid.

Grid access is crucial when your solar system do not produce enough solar  energy or when the batteries that store unused solar power have been depleted and need time to recharge. 

On-grid systems can be used as hybrid systems by integrating batteries additionally. Unlike most hybrid or battery systems, on-grid solar systems do not operate during energy blackouts for safety reasons. Most of hybrid solar systems with battery storage can automatically isolate from the grid and continue to supply some power during blackouts.

Micro Grid Systems

A Micro Grid system functions as a standalone island without any grid connection or as a backup solution to maintain power supply in case of grid failures. In the event of a power failure, the system automatically disconnects itself from the grid and creates its own independent network (Micro Grid).

Micro Grids are often designed in areas with inadequate power supply and either operate as a regional, stand-alone grid, completely off-grid, or serve as a grid-connected backup system. Diesel generators are usually used to maintain the energy supply. However, most Micro Grid and backup systems rely on solar energy as a stable, cheap and sustainable energy source.

By using solar energy instead of a diesel system, owners benefit not only from lower costs, but also from the absence of noise and unpleasant odors, which is especially important for individual properties, hotels and resorts where micro grids are often used.

EV Charging with Solar Energy

Experience Solarstone®’s state of art Solar Carport systems integration with sustainable solar EV charging solutions. Our innovative solar-powered EV charging concept is designed to fully charge your electric vehicle using clean and renewable energy by the sun.

Our concept design will let you charge your electric vehicles by using the benefits of both Solarstone®’s aesthetics building integrated solar panels and/or Solar Carport™ system by protecting your vehicle from harsh weather conditions as well.

It’s time to change conventional charging methods for a greener future with clean energy and  enjoy the convenience and cost-saving benefits of solar energy.

Benefits of E-Mobility With Solar Energy
Cost Reduction

Charging your electric vehicle by self-produced energy by your solar house is always cheaper

Energy Indpendency and Higher Self Consumption

Self consumption in house is key to save more and feed the grid less in order not to pay additional distribution fee and besides no need to think about energy blackouts anymore. Additional battery storage systems will also let you to charge your vehicle during the night by solar energy.

Low Carbon Footprint

Live more sustainability and contribute to environmental conservation.

Aesthetic Protection For Vehicles with Solarstone® Solar Carport

It is beyond just a power station for your electric vehicle to charge with solar energy, also blend of elegance and functionality to protect your vehicles from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow or hail etc…

Solar Energy 7/24

Solar Battery Systems are an energy storage solution that can be charged by the energy from the sun or the grid. Solar batteries provide your home with clean, green and renewable energy that would otherwise need to come from an external source. Energy storage systems are perfect for house owners who want to maximize energy offset, aka the consumption of self-produced energy.

By photovoltaic systems, solar energy can be produced when the sun is shining only. However  if  battery units will be integrated to system, self-produced solar energy will always be available when you need even in early mornings, cloudy days, nights and during energy blackouts as well.

Embrace the benefit of your green energy during 7/24 with battery systems.

Benefits of Energy Storage Systems
Less Energy Costs

Increase usage of solar energy and save more on your electricity bills

Self Consumption Maximization

Future of renewable energy is self consumption. As renewable generation subsidies decrease and energy prices increase, it is more economical to consume all the energy you generate yourself.

Energy Independency

Independency against incresing electricity prices and energy blackouts

Backup and Off-Grid

During energy blackouts, battery units supply stored solar energy for all needs. PV system design will also need an inverter with backup power functionality and battery with high discharge capacity to run even when it is disconnected from the grid.

Heating & Cooling Systems

Main principle of photovoltavic systems is to use as much self-generated solar energy as possible in order to reduce energy costs permanently. Solar energy produced by your roof can be used flexibly for any application in household.

By using surplus solar energy, heating, cooling and hot water systems can be supplied in most efficient way by integrating with heat pumps and complementary hot water equipments and feed less energy back into the grid.

Depending on the size of your system, 20-35% of own solar energy can be used by households. By increasing the usage of surplus energy, self-consumption level will be higher up to 60-70% and you will save more money.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Systems With Solar Energy
Integration with Heat Pumps

As solar powered heat pumps suit all needs in households, they can supply not only heating, also cooling, ventilation and hot water.

Self Consumption Maximization

Reduce your costs by using more solar energy instead of feeding surplus energy to the grid.

Longer Lifespan of Heating Systems

Lifespan of your heating system will be extended by using solar energy allows you to switch off your heating system completely especially during summer time.

Energy Independency and Eco-Friendly

Use the advantage of your own green energy by your aestehic and efficient Solarstone®’s solar roof systems

Types of Heat Pump Systems
Air/Water Heat Pumps
Ground Source Heat Pumps
Exhaust Air Heat Pumps
Heat Pump Solutions
Hot Water
Underfloor Heating and Cooling
Control Your Solar Energy 7/24

Solar monitoring systems will allow you to control and keep an eye on your solar energy production and consumption in real time even by your mobile phone.

Benefits of Solar System Monitoring
Energy Production Monitoring
Energy Consumption Optimization
Battery Storage Level Monitoring
System Update

How to Choose the Best Solar Battery for Your Home?

A battery system will keep the power generated by your solar panels in reserve and allow you to use it even when there’s no sunlight, such as at night or on cloudy days.

But choosing the right solar battery system can be confusing, especially when you’re unfamiliar with how they function and how they compare to the different types of batteries currently on the market.

To help you choose the best solar battery for your home, we’ve put together this simple guide that will take you through all the main considerations that go into making an informed decision and selecting the ideal type of solar battery system for your home and your lifestyle needs!

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