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Solarstone® is a greentech company with a green mindset and experienced professionals dedicated to providing high-quality solar energy solutions. We use the latest BIPV technology and equipment to assure you get the most out of your investment.

Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable source of energy that can help reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bills. If coupled with a solar battery, solar energy is also a reliable source of energy during power outages.

Additionally, rooftop solar increases the value of your property.


Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity (DC current) is then sent to an inverter which converts it into usable energy (AC current) for your home or business.

The size of the solar roof depends on your energy usage and the sunlight your property and roof facets receive.

Based on energy consumption (past or predicted) our engineering team will determine the appropriate system layout for your roof. Your energy consumption is affected mainly by the heating system, AC unit, appliances and water heating setup.

For that, our sales engineer team is there for you.

You can monitor your energy usage using a smart meter. This device can help you track your energy usage in real-time and identify system components where you can make changes to optimise energy consumption.You can also monitor all energy production and consumption values instantly from your mobile devices with the latest technology systems.

Solarstone® systems come with a monitoring app (e.g. FusionSolar) provided by the inverter maker. You can download the app to your phone to keep an eye on your solar energy production/consumption patterns.

Installation, Maintenance & Warranty

The installation time can vary depending on the system's size, complexity and planning. On average, installing a solar roof can take 1-3 days, whereas easier solar installations up to 10 kW (60 m2) and with limited or no rooftop obstacles are usually completed within one day. 

However, it's important to note that the delivery time for solar panels and equipment can be up to 2 months due to high demand. Various pre-installation activities need to be aligned, such as obtaining permits, arranging inspections, and ensuring that your home is ready for a solar energy system installation.

Good communication between the roofer, solar installer and electrician is essential to ensure hassle-free installation. We take care that all parties stay on the same page every step of the way.

The installation process includes auditing your energy needs, determining the best solar roof for your property, obtaining necessary permits, installing the solar roof, and connecting the system to the grid.

Although a solar roof does not require much hands-on maintenance, regular visual monitoring and careful removal of foreign objects such as leaves, branches and excessive dirt is essential to ensure the continuous maximum output of your solar rooftop.

Yes. You can order maintenance services from Solar House Concept. We can help you schedule regular cleaning and check-ups to ensure that your solar panel system is functioning at its best.

Solarstone® products have 10-years product warranty and 25-years productivity warranty. The specific terms of the warranty will depend on the product or service provided. 

Support & Safety

If you are experiencing issues with your solar panel system, contact Solar House Concept for technical support. Our team can help you troubleshoot the problem and provide a solution.

Always check the inverter app first, some of the issues can be easily resolved by understanding the error codes the app is communicating.

If your solar roof system is not working correctly, contact Solar House Concept for technical support. Our team can help you identify the issue and provide a solution.

If accessible, we recommend visually inspecting your solar panel system minimum once a year. If you have high trees or excessive dust concentration in your area, make it a more frequent seasonal habit. This can help ensure that your solar roof functions correctly and that potential issues are identified and addressed in time.

Solar House Concept ensures that all installations and products are compliant with safety regulations.

All Solarstone® BIPV products are certified according to required standards.

In case of an emergency, you can contact our team without wasting time. Our team of experts will provide assistance and guidance in handling the situation safely.

Environment & Impact

Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable energy source that does not emit harmful pollutants or greenhouse gasses. It can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and thus reduce the negative environmental impact of energy generation.

Solarstone® procures only sustainable materials and recyclable components for the manufacturing of BIPV products. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by continuously improving the efficiency of our products and operations.

You can calculate the number of carbon emissions you are preventing in comparison with traditional energy sources. You can also track your energy savings to see how much you are reducing overall environmental impact.

Solarstone® ensures that our BIPV products are produced using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

We also ensure that our products are recycled or disposed correctly at the end of their life-cycle according to relevant standards.


The amount you can expect to save by switching to solar will depend on the size of your solar panel system, the cost of electricity in your area, and your energy usage patterns.

Homeowners can save hundreds or even thousands of euros annually on their electricity bills by switching to solar energy.

Installing a solar roof can increase the value of your property, reduce ongoing expenses, and give you the ability to manage your own energy consumption when coupled with solar power storage systems (e.g. solar battery).

There are various local grants available, which may help you adapt to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle and help convert to greener mobility options.

The timeline to recover the cost of a solar roof can vary depending on the size of the system, the cost of electricity in your area, and any government incentives or financing options available. It typically takes 5-10 years for the savings on energy bills to pay back the cost of a solar panel system.

Government incentives and financing options are available to help make solar energy more affordable for homeowners.


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